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Having a cosmetic surgery brings inner change as well as change in appearance.

Our philosophy of “Being Different”, our wholehearted approach and our pride in providing a high quality medical service,

All come together to bring happiness to your life.
Pioneering Korean Plastic Surgery, The M Plastic Surgery Steps Forward to be Asia’s No.1 Plastic Surgery The M Plastic Surgery is an alumni hospital of Yonsei University Medical School, which is one of the longest-standing plastic surgery practices in Korea.

In line with Yonsei University’s Plastic Surgery Department’s philosophy of establishment to bring true beauty to this land, The M Plastic Surgery has led the Korean and global plastic surgery practice since its beginning in 2008.

Based on its expertise in all areas of plastic surgery and rich clinical experience,

The M Plastic Surgery has undertaken academic activities both in Korea and overseas.

Our efforts to improve the quality of Korea’s medical service and innovate medical service management were acknowledged by becoming the winner of Medical Service Marketing Awards, Global Medical Service and 4 of the KHIDI Awards.

With the best surgeons, advanced facilities and devotion to our patients,

The M Plastic Surgery offers the highest quality medical service.

What we are providing is a total medical solution in respect to beauty

So the services include plastic surgeries (eyes, nose, facial contouring, facelift, breast, and special body surgeries), hair transplant and hairline correction as well as aesthetics.

We promise that we will not settle for the current glory and success.

We will always continue our journey to improve our skills and technology and go forward to be Asia’s no.1 plastic surgery.

Your beauty is our pride.

Thank you.

The M Plastic Surgery